JD Koos Racing aims to drive a spirit of safe and friendly competition in to the world of motor racing.  

From driver education and safety training to track-side VIP events, to branding and marketing, you can count on the  JD Koos  team to put customers first - every time.  


JD Koos Bio

JD Koos is a racing driver from California, USA.  His day job is in systems engineering and product management in IT companies.  Raised in Santa Cruz, California, JD has been fascinated by automobiles since a very young age - he was the kid with 20 hot wheels and micro machines pouring out of his pockets, with one in-hand vrooming across the wall.  

After saving money from age 23 to 27, JD began to build his first race car, first competing in 2015 with the National Auto Sport Association.  In 2017, JD is focused on the Northern California Regional Championship for the Spec E46 Series.  

JD is a father, a fitness and health devotee, and a strong promoter of safe street driving practices.  He is a vegetarian and a strong-believer of the benefits of this kind of diet for physical and mental well-being.  He formed the Street Safe-Track Fast organization to promote driver education and encourage young drivers to have a high respect for sober and lawful street driving practice, leaving high-speed ventures for closed circuits such as road courses.  

JD began auto racing in 2015.  His career highlights are:

-34 Starts, 7 wins, 16 podiums

-2017 4th place Spec E46 Regional Series Championship

-2016 1st place PTD Regional Series Champion

-2015 3rd place PTD Regional Series Championship